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No Calories, fat, Carbs, gluten or sugars
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Customer Reviews

hot chocolate fixer by Amélie on 01/31/2021

no it's not the same as regular chocolate syrup, yes it taste like sucralose, but it sure fix a craving. It feels like I'm drinking moka/hot chocolate once again and if it can keep me away from those 250 calories packets I am all for it. It is an all you can eat with coffe or chicory root. I love it and you don't even need that much

Can't even tell it is 0 everything by Kimberley on 12/07/2020

I bought the little single packets on another site, very convenient, enough for 2 sandwiches or just enough to have with some turkey or pork or chicken. I mix it with the honey bbq sauce sometimes and bake my poultry with it. Can't even tell.. it's 0 everything

Delicious by Joshua on 11/24/2020

A bit too liquid for my liking, but the taste is just perfect for a bbq sauce, a must try

not perfect, but damn close by Joshua on 11/17/2020

its a five star for a zero calorie zero compromise product, jam like texture, a bit of an artificial taste, but totaly acceptable.

Really enjoyed these noodles by Jamie on 04/01/2020

Really enjoyed these noodles, the texture is similar but better than the miracle or shirataki. Pleased and will re-order.

Tasty! by Lili on 06/25/2019

I just can't remember now what a regular caramel is tasting...

OMG! by Lili on 06/25/2019

Almost better than a regular syrup!

Well done! by Lili on 06/25/2019

Taste and smell very good.

Same as regular dressing by Lili on 06/25/2019

I won't go back to the calories version!

Wow! by Lili on 06/25/2019

This is really tasteful! is ranked out of 5. Based on user reviews.