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Sans Calories, Gras, Lipides, Gluten ou Sucres

Livraison rapide avec Poste Canada de notre entrepôt Canadien

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Commentaires des clients

Can't even tell it is 0 everything by Kimberley on 12/07/2020

I bought the little single packets on another site, very convenient, enough for 2 sandwiches or just enough to have with some turkey or pork or chicken. I mix it with the honey bbq sauce sometimes and bake my poultry with it. Can't even tell.. it's 0 everything

prix en ligne by Normand on 12/05/2020

Le prix en ligne est plus élevé qu'au IGA mais il n'ont jamais la saveurs que j'aime .... grrrr

Delicious by Joshua on 11/24/2020

A bit too liquid for my liking, but the taste is just perfect for a bbq sauce, a must try

not perfect, but damn close by Joshua on 11/17/2020

its a five star for a zero calorie zero compromise product, jam like texture, a bit of an artificial taste, but totaly acceptable.

Really enjoyed these noodles by Jamie on 04/01/2020

Really enjoyed these noodles, the texture is similar but better than the miracle or shirataki. Pleased and will re-order.

These were better than I thought they might be. by J Jones on 04/12/2019

These were better than I thought they might be. Anything zero carbs and zero calories sounds too good to be true. But I put a sauce on it and thoroughly enjoyed the dinner. Only drawback is they seemed a little more “chewy” than regular pasta.

Really nice pasta option for low carb diet! Very pleased! by Katherine H on 02/19/2019

So happy to have low carb option for pasta!! This pasta is already cooked and does it’s job! I incorporated it into shrimp and pesto sauce. Very delicious! It’s already cooked and needs only to be drained and rinsed and drained again before adding to your sauce or stir fry! The only reason I did not leave 4 stars is the serving size. Each package is two 7 ounce packages and claims a seven ounce package is 7 servings. I found a modest serving to be fully 1/2 the package. I’m not sure if the serving listed is so small so it can be kept at just under 1 gram of carbs but that is not a serving. However it may seem expensive but I think it’s worth it because it is great to have a pasta option for a low carb diet!!

ZERO calorie for real by Sandy on 02/14/2019

this is like the second time I got from this brand. ZERO calorie for real. It's not taste like conjak and taste more like carb (not exactly the same but close).

Parkay beurre liquide by Françoise on 07/14/2018

100%. J'adore sur mon popcorn, mes légumes, mes toasts et sans calo ries ça goute meilleur :)

Good! by Erika on 09/25/2017

It don't taste like real chocolate but it's very very good. is ranked out of 5. Based on user reviews.