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Sans Calories, Gras, Lipides, Gluten ou Sucres

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loading... Beurre d'arachide et Chocolat

Beurre d'arachide et Chocolat

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Description du produit
Trop beau pour être vrai, mais ce l'est! Sauver des calories avec Walden Farms sans calorie Beurre d'arachide doux et crémeux. Contrairement aux autres marques de beurre d'arachide qui sont rempli de sucre et ont près de 200 calories pour seulement deux cuillerées à soupe, Walden Farms Beurre d'arachide Fouettée ne contient pas de calories, lipides, glucides, gluten ou des sucres d'aucune sorte. Délicieux sur des craquelins ou du pain grillé et bien sûr dans un sandwich PB & J. Sauver plus de 700 calories avec Walden Farms.
Valeur nutritive
c. à table
Portions par contenant 12
Teneur par portion
Calories des lipides 0
Calories 0
% Valeur quotidienne
Total des lipides 0g
Lipides saturés 0g
Lipides trans 0g
Cholestérol 0mg
Sodium 55mg
Total des glucides 0g
Fibres alimentaires 0g
Sucres 0g
Protéines 0g
Vitamine A
Vitamine C
INGRÉDIENTS: Purified water, vegetable fiber, defatted cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavor, caramel color, natural roasted peanut flavor, natural peanut extract, sea salt, corn starch, xanthan gum, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, (to preserve freshness) sucralose, vanilla flavor, FD&C yellow #6.


Commentaires des clients

30 juillet 2012
Good, but.. I just got a jar of this and the Cinnamon Raisin peanut spread today, and they both are delicious. The texture is not that of ordinary peanut butter, but more of a tofu or pudding like consistency. Right when you open the jar you can smell the cocoa and the chocolate taste comes through quite nicely. It tastes almost like a sugar free pudding, it's got a bitter/sweet bite to it but is more on the bitter side. It is a very good product, but you can only very faintly taste peanut in it. Also, you don't want to over-eat this stuff, maybe it's just me, but after accouple bites it seemed to rich to keep eating. Overall a good, healthy substitute for high calorie and fat peanut butter, but texture and taste is sacrificed. This is something you'd need to try for yourself to know if you like it or not.
8 mai 2012
So Delicious! I picked this up at a local store that supplies Walden Farms here in Edmonton and I was worried it'd be like the regular Peanut spread, which I wasn't very fond of. Well, I was Happily surprised when I opened the jar up and stuck a spoon inside and went for a taste. This Peanut spread is So good! Tastes a tad like nutella. I finished the entire jar in a day! Spread it on apple sliced and later that evening, while watching a movie, I was dipping my baked apple chips in it. If you haven't tried this yet, I am telling you! You need to order it!

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